A life saving, time saving,money saving B2B system for ER's,clinics and healthcare organizations.

Who Are We?

Roi Shternin

Co-Founder & CEO, Start-up Veteran, Founder of HELP+, Prolep.si, iDefi, TedX Community in Israel.

Avi Aminov

Co-founder and CTO, Physics PHD Can. Technion. Co-founder Jet-Get, Wishop. Computer Scientist & Engineer.

Dr. Yonatan Goffer

CMO, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Pediatrician, Schneider Hospital ED.

A Truly Life Saving Technology

BYOD smartphones or on-site tablets.

Smart ED Triage – may save lives by process optimization.

Facilitate Triage nurse processing by 30-60%.

Reduce patient waiting time by 30-60%.

Improve ED flow.

Functionalities for the Pharma Industry

Improve compliance by creating better engagement.

Data aggregation.

Big data insights.

Better clinical studies handling – digitizes forms.


Cutting edge cloud based algorithms for rapid diagnosis assistance, line optimization and data aggregation.